Is your Labor Law Poster up-to-date?

2018 has already seen over 20 mandatory updates to labor law posting requirements for businesses of all sizes and industries. Avoid posting violation penalties and employee lawsuits by reviewing the below list of posting changes. If your State (or a Federal agency) has implemented changes since your last date of purchase, remain compliant by purchasing a new labor law poster for each of your locations.

How to determine if your labor law poster is compliant

  1. From the listing below, review the list of changes for your State against the revision date printed on your current labor law poster.
  2. Locate and review the list of Federal posting changes against the revision date printed on your current labor law poster.
  3. If any State or Federal required changes (refer to column 'Is this update required for compliance?') occurred after your current labor law poster's revision date, you will need to purchase a new updated labor law poster.

Clients with a valid subscription to either our All-In-One Labor Law Poster E-Update Service or Poster Replacement Solution will be provided mandatory State and Federal posting changes as a part of their service.

Disclaimer: All the information presented on this website is strictly available to assist businesses with labor law posting compliance and should not be considered as legal advice or fact. This listing shall not apply to any nonstandard (i) industry-specific notices, (ii) sector-specific notices, (iii) municipal or location-specific notices, (iv) or any other specialized notice that is not issued by a federal or state agency that an employer may be required to post. If you have any further questions regarding state or federal labor law posting requirements, please contact your state's department of labor or an attorney.

Recent Updates
StateDate Poster UpdatedUpdateIs update required for compliance?
Alabama04/13/2018Child Labor LawYes
 09/13/2013Unemployment Compensation FraudYes
 10/08/2012Workers CompensationNo
 10/08/2012Unemployment BenefitsYes
 10/08/2012Child Labor LawYes
 06/14/2010Alabama Unemployment Compensation FraudNo
 08/12/2009Alabama Child Labor LawNo
Alaska12/12/2018Safety & Health Protection on the JobYes
 11/05/2018Minimum WageYes
 10/08/2018No SmokingYes
 03/15/2018Unemployment CompensationNo
 03/15/2018Child Labor LawYes
 12/19/2017It's Your Right to Know - AKOSHYes
 12/14/2017Wage and Hour ActYes
 12/14/2016Alaska Minimum WageYes
 02/16/2016Alaska Wage and HourNo
 09/02/2015Sexual HarassmentNo
 09/02/2015Unemployment InsuranceNo
 09/02/2015Sexual HarassmentNo
 01/12/2015Alaska Wage and Hour ActYes
 11/03/2014Alaska Unemployment InsuranceNo
 07/28/2014Alaska Unemployment InsuranceNo
 05/13/2014Safety and Health Protection on the JobNo
 09/04/2013Notice to EmployeesNo
 06/29/2012Notice To EmployeesNo
 06/29/2012Unemployment InsuranceNo
 06/29/2012Unemployment CompensationNo
 06/20/2011Alaska Wage and Hour ActNo
Arizona11/07/2018Minimum WageYes
 07/23/2018Employment DiscriminationNo
 12/15/2017Minimum WageYes
 05/09/2017Earned Paid Sick TimeYes
 05/09/2017Minimum WageYes
 12/14/2016Minimum WageYes
 12/09/2015Minimum WageYes
 08/26/2015Workers' CompensationYes
 08/26/2015Constructive DischargeNo
 08/26/2015Workers' CompensationNo
 08/26/2015Constructive DischargeNo
 12/04/2014Minimum WageYes
 03/11/2014Unemployment InsuranceYes
 10/22/2013Minimum WageYes
 08/09/2013Work Exposure to Bodily FluidsNo
 08/09/2013Unemployment InsuranceNo
 08/09/2013Work Exposure to MRSANo
 08/09/2013Work Exposure to Bodily FluidsNo
 08/09/2013Unemployment InsuranceNo
 11/02/2012Minimum WageYes
 11/01/2011Arizona Employee Safety and Health ProtectionYes
 10/31/2011Minimum WageYes
 08/01/2011Arizona Work Exposure to MRSAYes
 10/25/2010Minimum WageYes
 01/21/2010Minimum WageYes
 12/11/2009Arizona Discrimination In EmploymentYes
 08/12/2009Arizona Work Exposure to MRSAYes
Arkansas11/26/2018Minimum Wage ActYes
 06/02/2017Unemployment InsuranceNo
 09/16/2015Chemical Right to KnowNo
 07/01/2015Arkansas Minimum WageNo
 04/21/2015Child LaborYes
 03/18/2015Arkansas Child LaborYes
 11/17/2014Arkansas Minimum WageYes
 07/28/2014Arkansas Workers' CompensationNo
 08/27/2013Workers' CompensationNo
California12/24/2018Workplace Discrimination and HarassmentYes
 12/07/2018Minimum WageYes
 08/08/2018EDD- Unemployment Insurance, Disability Insurance, Paid Family LeaveNo
 08/08/2018Unemployment Insurance BenefitsNo
 08/08/2018Workplace DiscriminationNo
 06/28/2018Whistleblowers are ProtectedNo
 05/29/2018Transgender Rights in the WorkplaceYes
 05/29/2018Workplace DiscriminationYes
 01/11/2018California Fair Employment and Housing ActYes
 11/21/2017Transgender RightsYes
 11/02/2017CAL OSHAYes
 06/23/2017San Francisco Minimum WageYes
 06/13/2017Rights and Obligations as a Pregnant EmployeeNo
 06/13/2017Workplace DiscriminationNo
 06/13/2017Family Care and Medical Leave (CFRA Leave) and Pregnancy Disability LeaveNo
 02/20/2017San Jose Opportunity to WorkYes
 01/18/2017San Francisco Paid Sick Leave OrdinanceYes
 01/18/2017San Francisco Health Care Security OrdinanceYes
 01/18/2017San Francisco Paid Parental Leave OrdinanceYes
 12/29/2016San Jose Minimum WageYes
 12/09/2016California Minimum WageYes
 10/25/2016Malibu Minimum WageYes
 09/13/2016San Diego Minimum WageNo
 09/13/2016San Diego Earned Sick LeaveYes
 07/22/2016El Cerrito Minimum WageYes
 07/21/2016Sunnyvale Minimum WageYes
 07/19/2016Santa Monica Minimum WageYes
 07/19/2016Santa Monica Paid Sick LeaveYes
 07/19/2016Santa Monica Service Charge LawYes
 07/19/2016Santa Monica Hotel Worker Living WageYes
 07/18/2016Pasadena Minimum WageYes
 07/14/2016San Diego Minimum Wage OrdinanceYes
 07/14/2016San Diego Earned Sick TimeYes
 07/11/2016Los Angeles Paid Sick Leave NoticeYes
 07/11/2016Los Angeles Minimum Wage NoticeYes
 07/11/2016Los Angeles County Minimum Wage OrdinanceYes
 06/10/2016San Francisco Minimum WageYes
 03/23/2016California Your Rights and Obligations as a Pregnant EmployeeYes
 02/05/2016Cal OSHANo
 01/21/2016Disability Insurance Provisions PamphletYes
 01/21/2016Paid Family Leave PamphletYes
 01/12/2016San Jose Minimum WageYes
 12/28/2015San Francisco Health Care Security Ordinance (HCSO)Yes
 12/15/2015California Whistleblowers' Protection ActYes
 12/15/2015California Time Off to VoteYes
 11/23/2015California Notice to Employees- Injuries Caused by WorkYes
 11/17/2015California Cal OshaYes
 06/10/2015Family Care and Medical Leave (CFRA) and Pregnancy Disability Leave - Notice "B"No
Colorado12/26/2018Minimum WageYes
 04/23/2018Colorado Anti-DiscriminationNo
 12/29/2017Colorado Minimum WageYes
 12/09/2016Colorado Minimum WageYes
 09/23/2016Colorado Minimum Wage Order 32No
 08/10/2016Colorado Anti-DiscriminationYes
 08/10/2016Pregnancy AccommodationsYes
 04/27/2016Colorado Anti-DiscriminationNo
 12/28/2015Colorado Minimum WageYes
 09/24/2015Payday NoticeNo
 09/24/2015Pay Day NoticeYes
 12/29/2014Colorado Minimum WageYes
 12/29/2014Colorado DiscriminationNo
 12/23/2013Colorado Minimum WageYes
 10/29/2013Colorado Payday NoticeNo
 05/28/2013Colorado Anti-DiscriminationNo
 12/07/2012Colorado Minimum WageYes
 12/07/2012Unemployment InsuranceNo
 12/19/2011Colorado Minimum Wage IncreaseYes
 06/14/2011Colorado Unemployment InsuranceYes
 02/23/2011Colorado Anti Discrimination LawYes
 11/30/2010Colorado Minimum Wage IncreaseYes
 05/11/2010Colorado Anti Discrimination LawYes
 10/07/2009Colorado Employment Security ActYes
 12/25/2008Colorado Minimum Wage IncreaseYes
Connecticut10/20/2017Discrimination is IllegalYes
 10/20/2017Workers' CompensationYes
 09/20/2017Pregnancy DiscriminationYes
 08/14/2017Discrimination is IllegalNo
 11/30/2016Connecticut Sexual HarassmentYes
 11/30/2016Connecticut DiscriminationNo
 07/07/2016Connecticut Job Safety and Health ProtectionNo
 10/01/2015Sexual HarassmentNo
 12/18/2014Connecticut Paid Sick LeaveYes
 05/27/2014Connecticut Wage & Workplace Administrative RegulationsYes
 01/30/2014Connecticut Minimum WageYes
 09/04/2013Sexual HarassmentNo
 11/28/2011Paid Sick LeaveYes
 07/05/2011Connecticut Discrimination is IllegalYes
 04/06/2011Connecticut Job Safety and Health ProtectionNo
 04/06/2011Connecticut Healthcare AdvocateYes
 08/10/2010Connecticut Job Safety And Health ProtectionYes
Delaware10/01/2018Sexual HarassmentYes
 10/01/2018Minimum WageYes
 01/24/2017Delaware DiscriminationYes
 10/13/2016Department of Labor - DiscriminationYes
 09/17/2015Labor Law NoticeNo
 11/26/2014Delaware Department of LaborNo
 10/31/2014Delaware Whistleblowers' Protection ActYes
 05/19/2014Delaware Department of Labor-DiscriminationYes
 05/06/2014Delaware Department of Labor-Minimum WageYes
 08/19/2013Delaware Labor Law PosterYes
District of Columbia01/22/2019Protecting Pregnant Workers Fairness ActNo
 07/14/2017Minimum WageNo
 02/23/2017District of Columbia Accrued Sick and Safe Leave Act of 2008No
 02/23/2017District of Columbia Minimum WageNo
 11/07/2016Minimum WageYes
 04/19/2016District of Columbia Family and Medical Leave ActYes
 04/19/2016District of Columbia Minimum WageYes
 04/19/2016District of Columbia Accrued Sick and Safe Leave ActYes
 05/03/2015Protecting Pregnant Workers Fairness ActYes
 05/01/2015Wage TheftYes
 05/01/2015Right to BreastfeedNo
 02/03/2015District of Colmbia Equal Employment OpportunityYes
 02/03/2015District of Columbia Family and Medical Leave ActYes
 02/03/2015District of Columbia Parental Leave ActYes
 02/03/2015District of Columbia Unemployment CompensationNo
 06/27/2014District of Columbia Accrued Sick & Safe LeaveYes
 06/25/2014District of Columbia Minimum WageYes
 03/28/2014DC Workers' Compensation Notice of ComplianceNo
 06/04/2013District of Columbia Minimum WageNo
 11/20/2012Accrued Sick and Safe Leave ActNo
 06/12/2012Equal Employment OpportunityYes
 04/04/2011District of Columbia Parental Family Leave ActYes
 04/04/2011District of Columbia Family Medical Leave ActYes
 04/04/2011District of Columbia The Right to Breastfeed Govt. & PrivateYes
 03/15/2011District of Columbia Public AccomodationYes
 03/15/2011District of Columbia Notice of Non-DiscriminationYes
 03/15/2011District of Columbia Breastfeeding Rules & GuidelinesYes
 03/11/2011District of Columbia Equal Employment OpportunityYes
 11/15/2010District of Columbia Accrued Sick and Safe Leave ActYes
 03/08/2017Federal Contractors Pay TransparencyNo
 07/29/2016Federal Minimum Wage (FLSA)Yes
 07/28/2016Federal Polygraph Protection (EPPA)Yes
 05/02/2016Family Medical Leave ActNo
 10/22/2015Federal OSHANo
 02/05/2013Family and Medical Leave ActYes
 06/11/2012OSHA PostingNo
 10/26/2009Equal Employment Opportunity is the Law -GINA ActYes
 08/03/2009Federal Minimum Wage IncreaseYes
Florida10/16/2018Minimum WageYes
 12/26/2017Child Labor LawNo
 10/18/2017Minimum WageYes
 10/19/2016Florida Minimum WageYes
 10/19/2015Minimum WageYes
 06/02/2015Reemployment AssistanceNo
 10/15/2014Florida Minimum WageYes
 03/28/2014Florida Equal Opportunity is the LawNo
 10/17/2013Florida Minimum WageYes
 01/01/2013Florida Minimum WageYes
 11/01/2012Notice To EmployeesYes
 10/18/2012Florida Minimum WageYes
 10/24/2011Florida Notice to EmployeesYes
 10/24/2011Florida Minimum WageYes
 09/09/2011Florida Child Labor LawsYes
 05/05/2011Florida Minimum Wage PostingYes
 01/31/2011Florida Workers CompensationYes
 10/25/2010Florida Minimum Wage PostingYes
Georgia06/15/2018Unemployment CompensationNo
 07/12/2016Bill of Rights for Injured WorkersYes
 07/08/2015Workers' Compensation Bill of RightsYes
 07/10/2013Workers Compensation Bill of Rights for the Injured WorkerYes
 04/09/2013Unemployment InsuranceYes
 11/30/2012Public Employee Hazardous Chemical Protection NoticeYes
 05/23/2011Georgia Equal Pay for Equal WorkNo
 05/23/2011Georgia Workers' Compensation Official NoticeNo
Hawaii01/17/2019Whistleblower Protection LawNo
 01/17/2019Unemployment Insurance LawNo
 01/17/2019Employment DiscriminationNo
 01/17/2019Disability Compensation LawNo
 01/17/2019Wage & Hour LawsNo
 01/17/2019Dislocated Workers/Plant ClosingsNo
 01/23/2018Hawaii OSHYes
 12/29/2017Wage and Hour LawsYes
 10/26/2017Unemployment Insurance/ Notice to Dislocated Workers/Plant ClosingsNo
 12/29/2015Hawaii Breastfeeding in the WorkplaceNo
 12/29/2015Hawaii Whistleblower Protection LawNo
 12/29/2015Hawaii Disability Compensation LawNo
 12/29/2015Hawaii DiscriminationNo
 12/29/2015Hawaii Occupational Safety and Health LawsNo
 12/29/2015Hawaii Unemployment Insurance LawNo
 12/29/2015Hawaii Wage and Hour LawsNo
 08/27/2015Military LeaveNo
 08/27/2015Whistleblower Protection LawNo
 06/10/2015Laws Prohibiting Employment DiscriminationNo
 06/10/2015Required Notice To Dislocated Workers/Plant ClosingsNo
 06/10/2015Occupational Safety and HealthNo
 06/10/2015Wage and HourNo
 10/29/2014Hawaii Unemployment InsuranceYes
 08/19/2014Hawaii Wage and Hour LawsYes
 08/19/2014Hawaii Notice to EmployeesYes
 08/28/2013Breastfeeding in the WorkplaceYes
 06/12/2012OSHA Notice to EmployeesYes
 06/12/2012Unemployment Insurance LawYes
 06/12/2012OSHA Notice to EmployeesYes
 06/11/2012Hawaii OSHA PostingYes
 03/05/2012Hawaii OSHA PostingYes
 01/24/2012Laws Prohibiting Employment DiscriminationYes
 02/23/2011All Hawaii postings updatedNo
Idaho02/14/2019Minimum WageNo
 02/14/2019Equal Opportunity Is The LawNo
 05/07/2018Discrimination in EmploymentNo
 02/20/2018Equal Opportunity is the LawNo
 02/20/2018Unemployment Insurance BenefitsNo
 08/10/2017Minimum WageNo
 06/01/2017Unemployment Insurance BenefitsNo
 02/28/2017Idaho Equal Employment is the LawYes
 06/07/2016Idaho Unemployment Insurance BenefitsNo
 06/07/2016Idaho Equal EmploymentNo
 09/09/2015Unemployment InsuranceNo
 10/03/2012Equal Employment Opportunity is the LawYes
 05/19/2011Idaho Minimum WageNo
 10/05/2018Job Discrimination & Sexual HarassmentYes
 12/13/2017Employment RightsYes
 11/14/2017Unemployment Insurance & IL OSH for public sectorNo
 06/15/2017Cook County Earned Sick and Safe Time OrdinanceYes
 03/20/2017Pregnancy Rights NoticeYes
Indiana03/19/2019Teen Work Hour RestrictionsYes
 12/19/2017Child Labor LawYes
 09/15/2015Teen Work Hour RestrictionsYes
 07/08/2014Indiana Fair EmploymentYes
 08/29/2013Minimum WageYes
 12/27/2011Equal Employment Opportunity is the Law in IndianaYes
 05/14/2010Indiana Unemployment Insurance LawsYes
 04/21/2010Indiana Equal Opportunity PostingNo
 11/03/2009Indiana Teen Work HoursYes
Iowa09/05/2018Unemployment InsuranceNo
 04/07/2016Iowa OSHAYes
 09/11/2015Unemployment InsuranceNo
 05/28/2013Iowa Unemployment InsuranceNo
 04/06/2011Iowa Job Safety and Health Protection on the JobNo
 04/06/2011Iowa Equal Employment Opportunity is the LawYes
Kansas03/05/2019Unemployment Insurance LawNo
 04/02/2018Workers Compensation Rights and ResponsibilitiesNo
 11/12/2015Kansas Equal Opportunity EmploymentNo
 11/12/2015Kansas Fair HousingNo
 05/13/2014Kansas Equal EmploymentYes
 05/13/2014Kansas Fair HousingYes
 05/28/2013Kansas Unemployment InsuranceNo
 04/29/2013Kansas Workers Compensation Rights and ResponsibilitiesYes
 11/27/2012Notice of Hours (Child Labor)Yes
 08/24/2012Workers CompensationNo
 12/27/2011Kansas Unemployment InsuranceYes
 05/23/2011Kansas Workers Compensation NoticeYes
 04/06/2011Kansas No SmokingNo
 04/06/2011Kansas Unemployment InsuranceNo
Kentucky03/08/2019Safety and Health on the Job (OSHA)Yes
 03/08/2019Wage and Hour LawsYes
 03/08/2019Wage DiscriminationNo
 03/08/2019Child Labor LawsNo
 06/08/2018Child Labor LawYes
 06/08/2018Wage DiscriminationYes
Louisiana08/23/2018National GuardNo
 08/06/2018Earned Income CreditYes
 07/05/2018Earned Income CreditYes
 12/08/2017Timely Payment of WagesNo
 08/31/2017Equal Opportunity for AllNo
 03/24/2017Earned Income CreditYes
 01/22/2016Louisiana Earned Income CreditYes
 04/24/2015Earned Income CreditYes
 08/13/2014Louisiana Whistleblower ProtectionYes
 02/11/2014Earned Income CreditYes
 02/05/2013Lousiana Earned Income CreditYes
 02/05/2013Independent Contractor or EmployeeYes
 09/06/2012Independent Contractor or EmployeeYes
 03/05/2012Louisiana Earned Income CreditYes
 03/05/2012Louisiana Workers' CompensationNo
 03/05/2012Louisiana Timely Payment of WagesNo
 12/27/2011Louisiana National Guard Reserve RightsYes
 08/18/2011Louisiana Minor Labor Law PlacardYes
 01/24/2011Louisiana EIC 2011 postingYes
 07/09/2010Louisiana Sickel Cell DiscriminationYes
 07/09/2010Louisiana Age DiscriminationYes
 07/09/2010Louisiana Genetic DiscriminYes
Maine03/14/2019Employment Security LawNo
 03/14/2019Regulation of EmploymentNo
 02/15/2019Workers' CompensationNo
 12/04/2018Minimum WageYes
 07/30/2018Employment Security LawNo
 05/24/2018Human TraffickingYes
 01/31/2018Minimum WageYes
 01/31/2018Maine Employment Security LawNo
 12/12/2017Occupational Safety and Health Regulations for Public Sector WorkplacesNo
 10/31/2017Video Display TerminalsYes
 10/10/2017Minimum WageYes
 07/25/2017Child Labor LawNo
 03/30/2017Employment Security LawNo
 01/09/2017Maine Employment Security LawYes
 12/21/2016Maine Minimum WageYes
 12/21/2015Maine Occupational Safety and Health Regulations for Public Sector WorkplacesYes
 12/21/2015Maine Safe Work for Computer OperatorsNo
 12/14/2015Maine Unemployment InsuranceNo
 12/07/2015Maine Minimum WageNo
 12/07/2015Maine Regulation of EmploymentNo
 12/07/2015Maine Whistleblower's Protection ActNo
 09/02/2015Minimum WageYes
Maryland07/09/2018Minimum WageYes
 03/23/2018Maryland Earned Sick and Safe LeaveNo
 02/15/2018Earned Sick and Safe LeaveYes
 12/29/2017Maryland Unemployment InsuranceYes
 07/14/2017Maryland Minimum WageNo
 07/13/2017Workers' CompensationNo
 10/27/2016Maryland Minor Fact SheetNo
 10/12/2016Equal Pay for Equal WorkYes
 10/06/2016Montgomery County Paid Sick LeaveYes
 08/11/2016Minimum WageYes
 08/11/2016Tipped EmployeesNo
 12/02/2015Maryland Equal Pay for Equal WorkNo
 12/02/2015Maryland Minimum WageNo
 11/09/2015Maryland Equal Pay for Equal WorkNo
 09/22/2015Work Permit for MinorsNo
 04/22/2015Equal Pay for Equal WorkYes
Massachusetts10/31/2018Wage & Hour LawsYes
 02/07/2018Wage & Hour LawsNo
 12/27/2016Minimum WageYes
 12/27/2016Wage & Hour LawsNo
 09/09/2016Earned Sick TimeNo
 12/31/2015Massachusetts Wage and Hour LawsYes
 10/20/2015Unemployment InsuranceYes
 06/10/2015Paid Sick TimeYes
 05/18/2015Fair Employment in MassachusettsYes
 04/16/2015Massachusetts Paternity Leave Fact SheetYes
Michigan02/11/2019Minimum WageYes
 02/11/2019Paid Medical Leave ActYes
 08/23/2018Child Labor LawNo
 07/17/2018Unemployment InsuranceNo
 08/22/2017Unemployment InsuranceNo
 08/22/2017Michigan Occupational Safety and Health AdministrationNo
 03/06/2017Michigan DiscriminationNo
 11/03/2016Michigan Minimum Wage and OvertimeYes
 05/27/2016Michigan Minimum WageNo
 02/24/2016Michigan Unemployment InsuranceYes
 12/21/2015Unemployment InsuranceNo
 12/01/2015Michigan Minimum WageYes
 09/14/2015Safety and HealthYes
 08/31/2015SDS LocationNo
 08/31/2015New or Revised SDSNo
Minnesota10/29/2018Minimum WageYes
 11/02/2017Age DiscriminationYes
 11/02/2017Minnesota - Min WageYes
 10/31/2017Workers' CompensationYes
 08/24/2017Safety and Health Protection on the JobYes
 07/01/2017St. Paul Earned Sick & Safe TimeYes
 06/08/2017Minneapolis Earned Sick & Safe TimeYes
 07/25/2016Minimum WageYes
 03/10/2016Safety and Health Protection on the JobNo
 12/14/2015Workers' CompensationNo
 10/02/2015Safety and Health Protection on the JobYes
 07/14/2015Minimum WageYes
Mississippi09/06/2018Equal Opportunity Is The LawNo
Missouri11/30/2018Minimum WageYes
 03/22/2018Discrimination in EmploymentYes
 03/22/2018Unemployment InsuranceYes
 12/15/2017Missouri Minimum WageYes
 05/10/2017Workers' Compensation NoticeYes
 11/15/2016Missouri Minimum WageYes
 06/16/2016Missouri Youth Employment ListYes
 11/16/2015Minimum WageYes
Montana01/07/2019Minimum WageNo
 03/16/2018Minimum WageNo
 10/10/2017Minimum WageYes
 10/13/2016Minimum WageNo
Nebraska12/12/2016Nebraska Minimum WageYes
 12/12/2016Nebraska Unemployment InsuranceYes
 10/22/2015Safety and Health Protection on the JobYes
Nevada02/08/2019Domestic Violence BulletinNo
 08/22/2018Rules to be Observed by EmployeesYes
 07/23/2018Workers' CompensationNo
 04/18/2018Nursing Mothers' Accommodation ActNo
 04/18/2018Domestic Violence VictimsNo
 04/18/2018Daily Overtime BulletinYes
 04/18/2018Minimum Wage BulletinYes
 07/20/2017Pregnant Workers' Fairness ActYes
 07/20/2017Domestic Violence VictimsYes
 07/20/2017Nursing Mothers AccommodationYes
 04/11/2017Minimum Wage BulletinYes
 04/11/2017Daily Overtime Annual BulletinYes
 05/18/2016Nevada Rules to be Observed by EmployersNo
 05/18/2016Nevada Lie DetectorNo
 04/13/2016Nevada Daily OvertimeYes
 04/13/2016Nevada Minimum Wage BulletinYes
 11/10/2015Nevada Unemployment InsuranceNo
 08/19/2015Brief Description of Your Rights and Benefits If You Are Injured on the Job or have an Occupational DiseaseNo
 06/09/2015Nevada Safety And Health Protection On The JobNo
New Hampshire11/30/2018Equal PayNo
 02/20/2018Criteria to Establish an Employee or Independent ContractorNo
 02/20/2018Minimum WageNo
 02/20/2018Whistleblower Protection ActNo
 02/20/2018Equal PayNo
 02/20/2018Protective Legislation LawNo
 11/11/2017Whistleblowers' Protection ActNo
 07/19/2017Protective LegislationYes
 06/29/2017Whistleblowers' Protection ActNo
 06/29/2017Protective Legislation LawNo
 06/29/2017Equal PayNo
 06/29/2017Criteria to Establish an Employee or Independent ContractorNo
 06/29/2017Worker's Right to Know ActNo
 06/29/2017New Hampshire Minimum Wage LawNo
New Jersey01/25/2019Earned Sick LeaveYes
 01/11/2019Earned Sick LeaveNo
 10/23/2018Minimum WageYes
 10/04/2018Earned Sick LeaveYes
 05/04/2018Employer Obligation to Maintain and Report RecordsNo
 04/27/2018New Jersey DiscriminationYes
 10/25/2017Minimum WageYes
 11/25/2016New Jersey Minimum WageYes
 09/15/2016New Jersey Family Leave ActYes
 08/18/2015Unemployment CompensationNo
 05/18/2015Family Leave ActNo
 05/18/2015Discrimination in EmploymentNo
New Mexico03/12/2019Workers' CompensationNo
 09/13/2018Minimum WageYes
 07/31/2018Worker's CompensationNo
 10/04/2017Workers' CompensationNo
 07/16/2015New Mexico Minimum Wage Act SummaryNo
New York01/01/2019Minimum WageYes
 01/01/2019Discrimination in EmploymentYes
 08/16/2018New York City Sexual HarassmentYes
 12/31/2017Paid Family LeaveYes
 12/31/2017Minimum WageYes
 12/04/2017Public Employees Job Safety & Health ProtectionNo
 12/04/2017Guildelines for Implementation of Employee Blood Donation LeaveNo
 11/08/2016Permitted Working Hours for Minors Under 18 Years of AgeYes
 06/02/2016New York Child Labor LawYes
 09/28/2015Pregnancy and Employment RightsNo
 09/28/2015Election LawNo
North Carolina01/10/2018North Carolina OSHNo
 11/22/2017Wage and Hour Notice to EmployeesYes
 11/22/2017Unemployment InsuranceNo
 03/13/2017OSH/Wage & HourNo
 08/08/2016Wage and HourNo
 11/12/2015North Carolina Wage and HourNo
 09/17/2015Certificate of Coverage and Notice to Workers as to Benefit RightsNo
North Dakota08/12/2015Minimum WageYes
Ohio03/14/2019Minimum WageNo
 02/13/2019Fair EmploymentNo
 10/09/2018Minimum WageYes
 10/04/2017Minimum WageYes
 08/10/2017Unemployment InsuranceNo
 11/23/2016Minor Labor LawsNo
 10/30/2016Minimum WageYes
 10/10/2016Ohio Minimum WageYes
 09/06/2016Unemployment InsuranceNo
 07/08/2015Public Employment Risk Reduction ActNo
 04/23/2015Unemployment InsuranceNo
 03/29/2016Oklahoma Minimum Wage ActNo
 03/29/2016Oklahoma Minimum WageNo
 12/08/2015Occupational Safety and Health NoticeNo
 12/08/2015Oklahoma Child Labor LawNo
 09/25/2015Workers' CompensationNo
Oregon03/01/2019Minimum WageNo
 03/01/2019Agricultural Minimum WageNo
 03/01/2019Family Leave ActNo
 03/01/2019Domestic ViolenceNo
 03/01/2019Sick Time LawNo
 04/25/2018Oregon Minimum WageYes
 04/25/2018Agricultural Minimum WageYes
 04/25/2018Employee Work ScheduleYes
 04/18/2018Equal Pay LawYes
 06/05/2017Minimum WageYes
 06/05/2017Agricultural Minimum WageYes
 10/18/2016Oregon Occupational Safety and HealthYes
 06/21/2016Oregon Minimum WageYes
 12/17/2015Oregon Sick Time LawYes
 12/17/2015Paid Sick LeaveYes
 12/04/2015Oregon Family Leave ActYes
 10/21/2015No SmokingYes
 10/21/2015Agricultural Employees Minimum WageYes
 10/12/2015Minimum WageYes
 09/24/2015Safety and HealthNo
Pennsylvania05/17/2018Workers' CompensationNo
 11/02/2017Pennsylvania Unemployment CompensationNo
 03/01/2017Pennsylvania Minimum WageNo
 10/25/2016Pennsylvania Unemployment CompensationYes
 10/25/2016Pennsylvania Workers' CompensationYes
 09/21/2015Human Relations ActNo
 09/21/2013Public Accomodation ProvisionsNo
Puerto Rico07/15/2018Disability InsuranceYes
 07/15/2018Social Security LawYes
 07/15/2018Employee RightsYes
 06/06/2018Fair EmploymentYes
Rhode Island01/01/2019Minimum WageYes
 01/01/2019Employment Security Act and the Temporary Disability Insurance ActYes
 12/19/2018Minimum WageYes
 07/26/2018Paid Sick LeaveYes
 01/16/2018Healthy and Safe Families and Workplaces ActYes
 01/16/2018Prevailing WageNo
 01/16/2018Rhode Island Parental and Family Medical Leave ActNo
 01/16/2018Unemployment Insurance BenefitsNo
 01/16/2018Minimum WageNo
 12/22/2017Minimum WageYes
 01/19/2017Rhode Island Minimum WageYes
 11/25/2015Rhode Island Minimum WageYes
 07/30/2015Notice of Right to be Free from Discrimination because of Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Related ConditionsYes
South Carolina09/24/2018Unemployment InsuranceNo
 08/01/2018Employment DiscriminationYes
 07/09/2018South Carolina Employment DiscriminationYes
 10/06/2017Workers' CompensationYes
 07/05/2016South Carolina Workers' CompensationYes
 07/05/2016South Carolina Unemployment InsuranceYes
 09/23/2015Unemployment InsuranceNo
 01/01/2014Workers' CompensationYes
South Dakota10/24/2018Minimum WageYes
 10/27/2017Minimum WageYes
 12/21/2016South Dakota Minimum WageNo
 12/21/2016South Dakota Notice to EmployeesNo
 12/29/2015Minimum WageNo
Tennessee08/14/2018Workers' Compensation Insurance NoticeNo
 06/06/2018Tennessee Workers' Compensation InsuranceYes
 12/08/2017Tennessee OSHA - Safe and Healthful WorkplaceNo
 08/24/2017Wage Regulations ActYes
 03/16/2017Unemployment InsuranceYes
 10/29/2015Unemployment InsuranceYes
 10/29/2015Discrimination in HousingYes
 09/22/2015Workers' CompensationYes
 09/22/2015Wage Regulation ActNo
Texas08/07/2018Workers' Compensation Ombudsman ProgramYes
 10/27/2016Texas Unemployment and Payday NoticeYes
 10/27/2016Child Labor LawYes
 10/27/2016Payday NoticeNo
 04/18/2016Texas Equal Employment OpportunityNo
 02/25/2016Texas Workers' Compensation Notice 9No
Utah08/09/2017Workplace Safety & HealthNo
 06/14/2017Workers' Compensation NoticeYes
 09/21/2016Pregnancy and Related ConditionsYes
 07/18/2016Workers' CompensationNo
 04/23/2015Workplace Safety and HealthNo
Vermont10/16/2018Minimum WageYes
 10/16/2018Sexual HarassmentYes
 09/24/2018Sexual HarassmentYes
 07/06/2018Employment Protections for Victims of CrimeYes
 03/23/2018Vermont Healthcare WhistleblowerNo
 03/01/2018Workers' CompensationNo
 01/05/2018Earned Sick TimeYes
 01/05/2018Pregnancy Accommodation ActYes
 12/15/2016Vermont Earned Sick TimeYes
 12/15/2016Vermont Unemployment InsuranceNo
 04/21/2016Vermont Minimum WageNo
 02/26/2016Vermont Workers' Compensation Reinstatement RightsNo
 11/10/2015Vermont Unemployment InsuranceNo
 05/29/2015Workers' Compensation Reinstatement RightsYes
Virginia03/04/2019Earned Income Tax CreditYes
 01/28/2019Job Safety and Health Protection (VOSH)Yes
 08/24/2018Job Safety and Health ProtectionYes
 03/07/2018Earned Income Tax CreditYes
 03/07/2018Credit for Low Income IndividualsYes
 12/26/2017Virginia Workers' CompensationNo
 07/14/2017Job Safety & Health ProtectionYes
 05/09/2017Job Safety & Health Protection NoticeYes
 02/14/2017Virginia Earned Income Tax CreditYes
 10/05/2016VOSH - Job Safety and Health ProtectionYes
 08/23/2016Virginia Earned Income Tax CreditYes
 08/23/2016Virginia Credit for Low Income IndividualsNo
 01/15/2016Virginia Job Safety and Health ProtectionYes
 05/18/2015Unemployment InsuranceYes
Washington12/19/2018Minimum WageNo
 11/28/2017Your Rights as a WorkerYes
 10/27/2017Minimum WageYes
 10/27/2017Unemployment InsuranceNo
 01/24/2017Washington Unemployment BenefitsNo
 12/05/2016Washington Minimum WageNo
 11/08/2016Minimum WageNo
 01/06/2016Washington Unemployment BenefitsNo
 12/22/2015Washington Job Safety and Health LawNo
 12/22/2015Washington Your Rights as a WorkerNo
 10/30/2015Minimum WageNo
 06/25/2015Job Safety and Health LawYes
 06/05/2015Your Rights as a WorkerNo
West Virginia01/21/2019Wage Payment and Collection ActNo
 11/14/2017Parental Leave ActNo
 04/18/2016Human Rights ActYes
 11/23/2015West Virginia Parental LeaveNo
 11/23/2015West Virginia Human Rights Act and Fair Housing ActNo
Wisconsin12/08/2017STOP - Wisconsin - Retaliation of Health CareNo
 10/19/2017Unemployment BenefitsYes
 07/19/2017Child Labor LawNo
 05/12/2017Unemployment BenefitsYes
 08/24/2016Wisconsin Special Minimum WageYes
 06/29/2016Wisconsin Bone Marrow and Organ Donation Leave ActYes
 03/28/2016Wisconsin Unemployment BenefitsYes
 11/12/2015Wisconsin Minimum WageNo
 11/12/2015Wisconsin Workers with DisabilitiesNo
 11/12/2015Wisconsin Family & Medical Leave ActNo
 11/12/2015Wisconsin Layoff NoticeNo
 11/12/2015Wisconsin Hours & Days of Work Minors May WorkNo
 11/12/2015Wisconsin Health Care - Cessation of BenefitsNo
 09/08/2015Family Medical LeaveYes
Wyoming01/15/2019Workers' CompensationNo
 05/07/2018Health and Safety Protection on the JobYes
 02/15/2018Attention Employees and ApplicantsYes
 02/09/2018Health & Safety Protection on the JobYes
 02/07/2017Health & Safety Protection on the JobNo
 11/21/2016Wyoming Workers RightsYes
 11/21/2016Wyoming Unemployment InsuranceNo
 09/21/2016Health and Safety Protection on the JobYes
 03/16/2016Wyoming OSHAYes
 08/05/2015Unemployment InsuranceNo
 08/05/2015Workers' Compensation ActNo
 08/05/2015Minimum WageNo
 08/05/2015Health and Safety Protection on the JobYes
 08/01/2013Unemployment InsuranceNo
 08/01/2013Discrimination is Against the LawNo
 08/01/2013Workers Compensation ActNo
 04/06/2011Wyoming Workers' Compensation ActNo
 01/31/2011Wyoming Unemployment InsuranceYes
 02/19/2010Wyoming Health And Safety Protection On The JobYes