Reseller Programs

Looking to increase revenue through a reseller program?

Do you need a great service or product to complement or supplement any business while enhancing your own brand? Join a winning team and make money with our MyOSHAstore Reseller Program. We didn't want to create just another reseller program; we wanted to give our partners a complete online ecommerce opportunity with custom branding as a key component, allowing a business to enhance their own branding while generating increased revenue with excellent commission rates All this backed by our team of experienced support staff who will be working for you every step of the way.

What is MyOSHAstore?

MyOSHAstore provides a free to join affiliate program. Our affiliate model is very simple. You sign up as affiliates. You work to sell our product via your own branded website, which we provide. In return you will receive a commission on a sale. We work closely with our affiliates, discussing the product range they will promote, the pricing strategy best suited to their customers and the commission on each sale. Our solution has proven extremely successful for businesses wishing to expand their product line, associations and member organizations looking for revenue generating and value added services and for the entrepreneur looking for that next great opportunity.

We offer many business opportunities

We have the experience of working with partners in many business categories including:

  • Resellers
    Team up with MyOSHAstore! We will play a key role in the success of your reseller business. Businesses looking to grow their product line complement their current services and increase profits have all benefited from our partner focused working relationship.
  • EO
    We work successfully with Professional Employer Organizations (PEO) looking to expand their complimentary products and provide greater levels of service to their customers.
  • Associations
    Our years of experience working with Chambers of Commerce and other membership organizations have enabled a level of understanding about how they work hard to provide benefits and opportunities to their members. Our flexibility in offering member-based pricing and private label branding, gives our partners greater opportunity to strengthen their relationship with their members.
*Custom branded online ecommerce website subject to a set up fee. Affiliate programs also available.